My name is Almut Albrecht. I am a freelance photographer (travel, street and documentary) based in Berlin, Germany.

I love the coincidences by photographing people on the street and I like the not posed photographs from people.

Fascinated by streetphotography I try to learn from the people their lifestyles, cultures, rituals and traditions.

I startet this photoblog in February 2015, when I still was in Asia. The blogposts will follow my travelroute which started in Bankgok, Thailand. I visited Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and I came back to Thailand in the North. The journey ended up where it started: in Bangkok. Meanwhile this blog becomes a sort of visual traveldiary from my travel through Southeastasia from December 2014 – March 2015.

After finishing this traveldiary through Southeastasia I will post some photographs which I took in Myanmar, in India and in China.


My website can be seen here: www.almutalbrecht.com

By interest you can get a license of some of my photographs here:

500px : https://prime.500px.com/almutalbrecht (Southeastasia)

500px: https://500px.com/almutalbrecht

7 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Almut! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! Hope you’ll like my photos as much as I liked yours! Is Philippines part of your South East Asian trip? I am hoping it is! 🙂


    • This time I “only” visited Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos! But the next South East Asia trip will include the Philippines – sure! I like your blog and your photos! Thank you for visiting my blog!!! Best wishes!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s really great to hear! Hope you can come visit soon! Thank you so juch for liking my blogs and my photos, it’s really an honor coming from you! 🙂


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