Nomination for the Liebster Award



Thank you hannavioletta !

The Liebster Award is an award from new bloggers for new bloggers.

Here the rules:

  1. Link the person who awarded you
  2. Answer to the 11 questions that you were asked
  3. Nominate other bloggers who have less than 200 followers
  4. Notify the nominated
  5. Make a new list with 11 questions

The following questions were asked by hannavioletta :

1. How did you get to write a blog?

My brother had the very idea, that I could experiment with a blog for sharing  my photographs. I was surprised how many possibilities you have to present your texts and photos on a blog. So I am still find out what a blog could mean for me.

2.Why do you travel?

On the one hand I want to learn about other countries, cultures and people. I travel through a country by using a lot of different public transportations. I love to move by bus, by riksha, by tuktuk, by boat, by train …By travelling I love to see everyday something new, I love the unexpected situations, I love to meet and speak with foreign people and of course I do love to take a lot of photos during travelling.

On the other hand I found out that it could be sometimes really healthy to become a distance to your everyday life in your home city. Being confronted every day with different situations, people, circumstances you reach by travelling in another country an outview point to your life at home, this can become an important challenge for yourself to change things in your everyday life.

 3. What makes a good photo?

Something must speak to me! Wether a specific combination of colour and structure or something which keep my attention like for instance the smile of a person. I think to make a good photo is just to see the world with creative eyes.

4. What is art for you?

Many answers are possible!

In one way art is for me like a teacher: I can learn to see things in another, surprising way. In this case art is confronting me with myself, my habitudes, my conscience. By studying art the ways of my thoughts can be changed. I can discover a new way to see the world around me.

Art is for me also the livelong search for my own language and expression.

5. Do you like museums?

Foremost I like museums of modern and contemporary art. Some of my favourites are the MoMa and the Guggenheim in New York, the Miro Foundation in Barcelona and the Tate Galery in London. A good museum and a well concipitated exhibition is for me really a great art event.

6. What is your favorite place?

My favourite place? Well in the moment I like my home town Hamburg in Germany.

7.  What was your best trip so far?

The most exciting and also the most strenuous trip was my 2 months journey through Northindia in 2011. I travelled alone, I was hardly prepared, I became ill and it was a long way from Mumbay to Calcutta. But it was the best: I experienced so much! I was confronted with myself in situations which made me – looking back – very rich.

8. Where do you necessarily want to go?

Again and again I want to go to India. Than Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh. And again to Laos and Cambodia. I do also want to make a long journey through Italy.

9. Your favorite drink

Lassi sweet and capuccino.

10. Your favorite animal

Elephants, elephants, elephants …

11. A little wisdom

Try to be patient!


Now I nominate:





Here are my 11 questions for you:

1. What is photographing mean to you?

2. What are the subjects, motivs you do like the most?

3. Do you like to travel?

4. Why are you blogging?

5. Beside photography, what are your interests?

6. Can you describe one of the most favorite photo you shoot?

7. Do you have times where you photograph and times where you don´t take the camera with you?

8. Do you visit Exhibitions of Photography?

9. One artist you like the most?

10. Your favourite music?

11. Something which makes you lucky in the moment?

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